Joining a Discovery Fellowship Association

Churches do not need to leave their former associations to associate with us, but they do need to affirm our Statement of Faith to associate together in the work of the gospel.

If you feel deeply that your former association does not affirm important truths contained in our statement of belief, please encourage your association to change their beliefs. If they will not, then you are always welcome to change your association and join us in mission and ministry.


We affirm local church autonomy.

We affirm local church ordination.

We affirm freedom of association.

Contact me to discuss your situation on 0402 286 476.


The Decision to Add or to Change to an Association

What are some of the advantages of retaining your original association?

  • Insurances

You may want to check out comparative prices for church insurances.  Make sure you have read your policies to be comfortable that you are adequately covered.


  • Accreditation of ministers

Some accreditation committees may deliberately accredit people to be senior pastors that your church may not wish to approve.  You participate in this activity as a member church.


  • Financial contribution to missions

Some missions committees appoint missionaries who may not meet the doctrinal, ethical or other standards that you would approve in your church.


  • Existence of your church as a legal entity

Each church exists as a legal entity and to have its own ABN number.  Provision of an ABN number is contingent upon the church having a constitution.  Sometimes denominations do this on behalf of a church (they may charge for this service). Each group of people wishing to constitute as a church are responsible for this. It is not a difficult process. Other related matters may include holding of deeds for property.


  • Organisation of Safe Ministry Accreditation

Safe Ministry is a very important matter.  All volunteers and paid workers in children’s and youth ministries should undertake regular training by approved Safe Ministry trainers. I have found Youthworks conducts Safe Ministry training regularly in many locations. Safe Ministry Training will also be available online in 2018.


  • SRE Approval

Churches are required to be registered with the departments of Education in each state in order to provide Scripture in School for their adherents.  Some denominational churches will allow volunteers from other denominations to teach SRE on their behalf.


  • Approval of Births Deaths and Marriages to perform weddings.

There are many approved providers