Discovery Fellowship

Steve Grose Discovery Fellowship Seminars will come to your church, school, campsite or college to assist you to develop Spiritual Maturity among your people.

Steve was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2017 from the University of Newcastle. His thesis is available for download from the University library website


Steve can give University students and churches an understanding of the importance of truth,, morality, tolerance in a world of religious pluralism. He can assist young people and adults to understand how to share the gospel in a relativistic world.

  • Defending and Declaring the Truth
  • Witnessing to an Objective Moral Law
  • Tolerance, Truth and Religious Pluralism
  • How We Got Where We Are: Australian Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Evangelism.


Steve is a trainer in FAITH evangelism, and Two Ways To Live.

Saturday Seminars run from 1pm to 5pm

Steve is available to preach at your church Sundays, from John’s Gospel.

Steve can also assist your church and fellowship to develop around these important themes:

  • Knowing Christ Personally,
  • Developing Relationality Through Empathetic Connectivity,
  • Discovering Purpose and Meaning, and
  • Resilience Training.


Steve speaks from a wealth of experience.


  • Pastor, teacher, lecturer, seminar leader, academic tutor.
    Completed and awarded PhD at Newcastle University: Developing Spirituality in the Public School.
    Previously Principal of Life Ministries College
    Previously Pastor of
    Kiama Baptist Church (church planter)
    Glen Innes Baptist Church
    East Hills Baptist Church and church planter at SouthWestern Baptist Church
    Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle
    Glossodia Anglican Church (while working for Youthworks and Generate Ministries placing chaplains and SRE teachers in Public Schools)
    Riverstone Anglican Church (while establishing and lecturing at Life Ministry College)
    Padstow Congregational Church


Contact number 0402 286 476